The Fight Rules (2017)

Feature film

4 episode TV series

GENRE: sports drama, action

FORMAT: feature film

DIRECTOR: Aleksey Shaparev

PRODUCERS: Andrey Yermak, Maxim Leshchenko,  Artem Kolubaev, Andrey Kornienko

PRODUCTION: Garnet International Media Group, Good Morning Film

CAST: Vlad Nikityuk, Oleksiy Gorbunov, Stanislav Boklan, Akhtem Seitablaev, Darya Tregubova, Evgeniy Galich, Dmitriy Stupka, Polina Logunova, Pavlo Li, Stanislav Melnyk and other

This is a story of a former promising boxer Taras who earns his living by the law of the street. When his mother falls ill, he is forced to get involved in illegal underground fighting. He makes a fast career but finds an enemy in a crime boss Skulsky who double-crosses Taras and leaves him without his hard earned prize and means to provide treatment for his mother, and endangers the lives of his friends. Taras seeks revenge and tries to help his friends out of trouble. When Taras finds out that his native boxing club is preparing to face Skulsky’s club in the final championship fight, he returns to help his coach. But when the mob puts one million dollars on the line, the boxing rules are over, it’s time for the fight rules!