Record for Ukrainian cinema

Record for Ukrainian cinema: "The Fight Rules" movie will be shown almost at each cinema of Ukraine!

First Ukrainian sport action directed by Aleksey Shaparev will be shown at 122 cinemas of Ukraine!

There was prepremier screening of "The Fight Rules" movie last Friday in "Cinema planet" cinema. A lot of celebrities, blogers and dignitaries attended it. Tomorrow, in Thursday each Ukrainian will be able to watch an sport action and support Ukrainian cinema development personally, because almost each cinema of Ukraine will show the movie.

Critics have already noted great musicial arrangement of the movie for wich the special soundtrack collection had been created that includes such tracks as "Твой дух - твоё оружие" song of O.Torvald rock band and "Правило боя" song of rapper Yarmak.

Last Friday in the cinema "Planet Cinema" held a pre-opening night show "Rules of Engagement", which was attended by a large number of celebrities, bloggers and VIPs. And tomorrow, Thursday, every Ukrainian will be able to see the sports action and personally support the development of Ukrainian cinema, because the film will be shown in almost all theaters of the country. Also songs of "Бумбокс", "The Hardkiss", "DETACH", "Без обмежень", "Сальто назад", etc., became saundtracks of the movie.

Movie tells about former well-known Olympic champion Karpov (Aleksey Gorbunov) who traines his son Igor (Jenia Galich) for the champion’s fight and takes Taras (Vlad Nikituk) as a sparring partner for his son. Taras is an ordinary street guy who, by force of circumstances, has to take a place of coach’s son and fight in the final fight against huge opponent.

The special feature of the movie is that all the battles of the picture heroes were staged by Hollywood stars choreographer Sergey Zhytnikovsky who also starred in the movie. Also “The fight rules” became a cinema debut for the current world boxing champion Aleksandr Usyk and the frontman of the «O.Torvald» band Jenia Galich.

Film is starring by: Aleksey Gorbunov, Vlad Nikituk, Statnislav Boklan, Anatoliy Pashinin, Dasha Tregubova, Jenia Galich, Sergey Zhytnikovsky, Ahtem Seitablaev, Polina Logunova, Dmitriy Stupka and Aleksandr Usyk.