«Ordinary zombies. How lies work»



Genre: Popular science film

Quantity of Episodes: 1

Timing: 80-85 min

Produced by: RRP GROUP LLC

Chief author: Illarion Pavlyuk

Directed by: Volodymyr Rybas (DNK. Portrait of Nation; DNK. Looking for Woman; Planet of the Apes. Where Smart Children Disappear; Code of Nation)

Year of рroduction: 2015

Plot: The basis of the project is reconstruction of three classical psychological experiments demonstrating how principal mechanisms to influence mind work, what a person is capable of, if skillfully manipulated. Also, the film elaborates on and illustrates the political theory of the American sociologist Joseph P. Overton known as the Overton Window and proves the theory experimentally. The essence of the theory is that the society in general will accept any phenomenon. The question is in the proper presentation of the information.

Idea: We will tell how easy it is to yield someone’s opinions and views under the influence of the information deliberately presented using psychological techniques and lies, and how vulnerable every person is to them. We will tell how dangerous are the populist slogans and what purposes may be concealed behind the opportunistic messages. We will show how simple it is to give up critical perception of the world and how dramatic the realization may be.

We will “arm” the viewers with this knowledge and help them to discern the manipulations and resist them more effectively.