«Women Lie Better»

It is the most popular TV seriesin



This is the story of four friends who are searching for true love despite all obstacles and difficulties. Each lives a life full of funny situations, intrigues, and lies that can save them or ruin everything.

The series is focused on four fates, as different as the night is from the day.

A naive provincial girl who came to the capital to conquer it thinks that she met the love of her life but falls into a whirlpool of deceit and betrayal. She overcomes all trials thanks to the support of her friends and loved ones.

A frivolous coquette who changes boyfriends like a she changes clothes struggles to get out of a love triangle and find her one and only.

An ambitious businesswoman in a relationship with a mama's boy is trying to be happy.

Another heroine loses her man due to circumstances and starts to build new relationships.

Is there anything that unites these women except friendship? Of course. It's their desire to be happy and loved. The way to happiness is thorny and full of serious challenges. However, the power of love is invincible!

Love, drama, humor and crime are the main driving force of this series. The authors also keep eternal values on a safe distance from the modern approach to life. Heroines do not feel like objects of sexual harassment, they're just women whose lives are incomplete without true love. This romantic subplot has made this TV series very popular among viewers of all ages.

The script of «Women Lie Better» was adapted successfully in Latvia and Georgia. In the near future «Women Lie Better» will be broadcasted in Bulgaria.

Today we have an exclusive opportunity to represent the format of «Women Lie Better». Advantages of this format are the following: easiness of adaptation of the script with the help of our professional team, an original storyline, small budget of each episode, reasonable price of the franchise, the cast. Involvement of local actors ensures success and high ratings of the series, which gives it a significant advantage over other similar projects involving foreign actors.

• The screenplay of «Women Lie Better» was written by Daiva Vaitkeviciute (a famous best-selling writer in Lithuania, won the Cosmopolitan award for best author of the year)

• It was popular within all age groups

• «Women Lie Better» is considered one of the all-time best TV series in Lithuania

• People compare «Women Lie Better» to «Sex and the City»

• It held its position at number 1 in the ratings for 30 weeks in a row

• It helped TV3 become the most popular TV channel

The format is ready for distribution.