Genre: journalistic program

Quantity of Episodes: 12

Timing: 45 min

Year of production: 2012

Plot: 30 years is the age of winners.

General Napoleon Bonaparte became the emperor of France and began his conquest of the world at the age of 35. At the same age nobleman Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the British Parliament, was hanged and became a cause for an annual celebration in the English-speaking countries. Nowadays the mask in his likeness became a popular internet meme. At 30 Ernest Hemingway wrote his famous novel A Farewell to Arms, and by the age of 40, after publication of For Whom the Bell Tolls, he became a cult writer. At 33 Soviet pilot Valery Chkalov performed the first ever non-stop flight via the North Pole. At the age of 31 American animator Walt Disney was awarded the first out of his 26 Oscars for creation of Mickey Mouse. These are but a few examples to prove that at 30 life only begins.

The heroes of Thirty-Year-Olds are relevant, demanded, popular, successful and inventive. Most importantly they have achieved something in life already, let the world know about them. At what cost? And for how long? Are they happy with the results?

Thirty-Year-Olds are popular musicians, distinguished athletes, successful businessmen, ambitious politicians, freedom-loving human rights activists, and people of low profile professions, who proved their significance with their actions — with a scientific discovery, an act of heroism. In any case these people deserve respect...