Genre: romance, melodrama

Quantity of Episodes: 90 (first season)

Timing: 45 minutes

Chief author: Tatyana Gnedash

Production: Ukraine TV Channel

Year of production: 2013

Cast: Alyona Yakimova, Ivan Kolesnikov, Evgenyi Volovenko, Alexander Davydov, Irina Evremova, Anatolyi Kotenev, Elena Repina, Oksana Stashenko, Victoria Froltsova, Bogdan Yusipchuk, Galina Bezruk.

Plot: The calling of Natasha Bondarchuk is to make people beautiful. Since childhood she dreamt of becoming a doctor: the one who can correct the mistakes of nature or the results of accidents. After finishing the high school she fails to enter the medical institute, so she gets the job as a hospital nurse in a city hospital. There she finds the first love and the first disappointment: Dmitry Voroshilov, a handsome intern, seduces inexperienced girl and splits up with her. The rich and influential family of the Voroshilovs declares war to the girl.

Now Natasha is alone in a big city with a small child in her arms. Through perseverance, love to life and with the help of firm friends Natasha achieves her dream. Many years on Dmitry meets her again: a successful, wealthy and famous woman. Natasha runs the Institute of Beauty, and she is proud of her son Andrey. Dmitry makes an attempt to renew their former relations, but Natasha doesn’t believe him, and her son hates everything related to the family of the Voroshilovs. However, he doesn’t know yet that the girl he has recently met and fell in love with is indeed a member of the same family: Katya is a daughter of Larisa, who is Dmitry’s sister. Larisa is the most ardent and ruthless enemy of Natasha. The circle has been closed. What can break the chain of dramatic and passionate events? Only love.

“The Kiss” is an anthem to the dreams of women, their dedication and perseverance.