«Skates for the champion»



Genre: melodramatic comedy

Quantity of Episodes: 4

Timing: 45 minutes

Chief author: Tetiana Hnedash, Ivan Shyshman

Directed by: Maksym Papernyk

Produced by: Yuriy Morozov, Mykola Shevchenko

Year of рroduction: 2014

Cast: Valeria Hodos, Maria Aronova, Michael Polytseymako, Yuri Dyak, Olga Lukyanenko.

Plot: The heroine Anna Zarubina is a manager in the company owned by her father Ivan Zarubin. They manufacture sports equipment and sell it in a small shop. A feather in their cap is Zarubin trademark skates. A famous skater Anna Lebedinska won the municipal championship wearing them. Once two friends, Zarubina and Lebedinska, did figure skating together. But then Ivan Zarubin forbade his daughter to pursue a career in sports. Once he used to be a figure skater himself but had been seriously injured. Now he doesn’t want his daughter to follow his path. But unknown to her father Anna appears on ice…

The Zarubins have competitors — the Volkovs, a big company run by an energetic woman Valeria Volkova. She cannot accept that Zarubins’ «artycrafty workshop» steals her clients. Through her deputy Zaitsev she tries to find out the key to success of Zarubin’s skates, but in vain. Now all Valeria’s hopes are pinned on her son Volodymyr who has returned to his hometown after a long business trip abroad.

Valeria Volkova wants to allure the champion Lebedinska and make her the brand ambassador of her company. Confident of his irresistibility Volodymyr takes on this mission. All the more so, because he has accidentally met a cute girl, who he thinks to be Anna Lebedinska. He finds this girl once more and begins courting her clueless that she is a completely different Anna — Zarubina. At first Anna thinks that the young man really likes her, but when she realizes that his aim is her champion friend, she decides to punish the smug cute guy and begins a game of her own pretending to be the skater. The scandal seems unavoidable. But incredible lucky coincidences and quirks of fate help Anna enter the figure skating championship and win gold. Also she finds her love — Volodymyr. As the saying goes: there is no flying from fate!