Genre: adventurous melodrama

Quantity of Episodes: 100

Timing: 45 minutes

Production: Ukraine TV Channel

Year of рroduction: 2013

Chief author: Tetiana Gnedash

Directed by: Anton Goyda, Vladimir Dyachenko

Cast: Anna Koshmal, Alexander Davydov, Dmitry Lalenkov, Sergei Romanyuk, Oksana Stashenko, Alexander Lobanov, IrinaMelnik, Alexander Suvorov, Fedor Gurinets, Constantine Chernokrylyuk.

Plot: Sasha is the leading character; Andrey is a young promising politician, leader of the «Progress» party; Marina is the central antagonist of the series; Ruslan is Sasha’s friend who has been in love with her for many years. Sasha Kovalenko is a natural-born automobile mechanic. During the day Sasha sells spare parts, and her evenings she spends at her old friend’s (Ruslan's) service station, known as one of the most prestigious and wealthy service stations in Kyiv. Ruslan has long had a crush on Sasha, but she has not yet mentioned that and her heart is still sleeping. Love will catch the girl unexpectedly.

On the threshold of the scheduled elections and the unregulated market Sasha works at is dispersed and transformed into tribune for numerous parties. Among the parties appears Andrey Marchuk: a young and perspective politician and right hand of a renowned magnate Vladimir Privalov. Andrey has been half a year secretly dating with Marina Sokhatska, the daughter of the bitter enemy of his teacher and benefactor.

If Andrey hadn’t met Sasha for the second time, his life would have been different. Hostility between two clans and his own problems caused by that would have remained the biggest trouble in his life. However, destiny brings them together. One flash of romance and their feelings start to grow, although silly, illogically, but like the wind. After a while, they spend one night together. Andrey as a decent man keeps his promise and marries Marina.

That hits Sasha like a mountain of bricks. Nevertheless, Andrey and Ruslan go on fighting for her heart. Marina’s manipulative intrigues end up with Sasha being accused in murderous assault. The girl is sentenced to prison. Only upon request of Vladimir Privalov the girl is given freedom. Why does Privalov asks for Sasha? Because by that time he already knows that Sasha Kovalenko is his adulterate daughter.

Sasha is about to go through considerable life severities and disappointments before she finally gains happiness, builds family and finds true love.