«Queen of the Game»



Genre: Melodrama

Quantity of Episodes: 28

Timing: 52 minutes

Directed by: Roman Yaroslavtsev, Konstantin Taran

Year of рroduction: 2014

Cast: Vakhtang Beridze, Nadia Bakhtina, Mikhailo Polosukhin, Yanina Sokolovskaya, Lilia Kondrova, Oleksiy Longin, Oleksiy Kondrakhov, Polina Platonova, Larisa Baranova, Oleksandr Dziuba, Anna Dankova

Plot: Pavel’s best friend Nikolay seizes the business of his whole life, his hotel. Because of this Pavel commits suicide. 23 years later Pavel’s son Sergey wants to avenge on Nikolay for his father’s death and take back the hotel.

He wants to implement his vengeance through Nikolay’s daughter Anna, since she is the only chance to approach Nikolay. But there is a problem… While seducing his archenemy’s daughter, Sergey actually falls in love with Anna. He wants to give up the idea of vengeance but his lover Olga has different plans. Later Anna finds out about the plot against her family.

Will Anna and Sergey find it in their hearts to forgive each other and abandon revenge?

Everybody, who deserves happiness will be happy?