«Protect the Boss»



Genre: Dramedy

Quantity of Episodes: 24

Timing: 45 min

Production: Ukraine TV Channel

Year of рroduction: 2012

Directed by: Konstantin Frolov, Vladimir Ustyugov

Cast: Ksenia Khairova, Ilya Iosifov, Oksana Dorokhin, Alena Krieg, Ilya Korobko, Anastasia Stezhko, Anatoly Kotenёv,

Anastasia Marinina, Artem Yakovlev, Yulia Erusova.

Plot: Zhenya is a strong and independent girl. During her school years she was a master of sports in kickboxing, a local activist, and the terror of all thugs. Also Zhenya will do anything for her girl friends, she always defends and stands up for them, she is generous, jolly, easygoing, and has a cosmic sense of justice. After graduation from school Zhenya decides to start a serious life, acquire a profession and make a career. She enters an institute and earns her tuition by making some money as a shop girl, a waitress, but it’s not enough, no matter how hard she tries. Days and nights Zhenya dreams of a good job and she is offered a position of a manager in a big company. But the company turns out to be a small time business, and the boss – a lustful pervert. Of course Zhenya cannot stand his harassment and beats him up right in the men’s bathroom.

  Aleksandr happens to witness this. He is a young son of the director of a big corporation. Aleksandr is the complete opposite of Zhenya. Since early childhood he had everything a child can dream, and yet he grew up to be a spoilt, socially inadequate young man with issues suffering panic attacks. The cause of this problem is Aleksandr’s father, Viktor Viktorovich, who has always been too demanding to his son.

  Horrified Aleksandr watches Zhenya easily throwing around the bodyguards of her former boss and vanishing. And Aleksandr is the one to get his ass kicked because the goons take him for Zhenya’s friend. Viktor Viktorovich avenges his son by maiming the bodyguards. This story catches attention of the media and the stock of Viktor Viktorovich’s corporation goes down drastically. Viktor Viktorovich himself is sentenced with probation.

  Zhenya loses her job once again. After several unsuccessful interviews Zhenya is invited to the interview in Viktor Viktorovich’s company. The offbeat and bold applicant impresses Maksim, Aleksandr’s cousin. He is dreaming to seize control over the company by taking advantage of Viktor Viktorovich’s preoccupation with the litigation. Maksim decides to eliminate the weakest link – the heir of the business, Aleksandr. He hires Zhenya as Aleksandr’s assistant. Firstly, because Zhenya has a strong character and only she can cope with the peevish Aleksandr. Secondly, Maksim expects that Zhenya being grateful for the employment will spy on Aleksandr.

  When Zhenya and Aleksandr meet each other neither one recognizes another. But the boss is very unhappy that Maksim picked him an assistant without consulting him. Aleksandr cannot fire her because his father would not allow it so he decides to make Zhenya resign by constant faultfinding. But Zhenya is forced to bear it to keep the job. One time Aleksandr instructs Zhenya to find a certain girl whom he blames for a whole bunch of troubles. Zhenya realizes that it is her, that’s being looked for. Now she is concerned not only for her career but for her own skin as well.

  Eventually Zhenya notices that behind the mask of a whiny and weak-willed petty tyrant hides a vulnerable and frightened boy with psychological problems. Zhenya is not afraid to protect her boss even from his formidable pops. And Aleksandr begins to feel affection to his straightforward, kind, and loyal secretary.

  When Aleksandr finally realizes that Zhenya is the nasty girl who brought all the misfortunes in his life, this realization cannot destroy the strong team of the secretary and her boss. Zhenya will have to endure many trials: she will have to help rescue the company from the crisis, resist Maksim, resolve Aleksandr’s psychological problems, and most importantly – sort out her own feelings.