«SQUAT32» (2019)

FORMAT: Full-length feature film

GENRE: Drama

RUNNING TIME: 100 min.

DIRECTOR: Sasha Lidagovskiy

WRITERS: Irina Chernova (aka Luko Dashvar), Anna Alexandrovich, Bogdan Pankrukhin

DOP: Vova Ivanov

PRODUCER: Andriy Yermak

PRODUCTION: Garnet International Media Group (Ukraine) with support of Ukrainian State Film Agency.

STARS: Anna Adamovych, Oleksandr (DRUD) Bogachuk, Ihor Levenets, Rimaida Onadska, Serhiy Luzanovsky, Ivan Blindar, Sambo Sandra, Vladyslav Partyka, Vyacheslav Semenchenko, Denis Mykhalchenko, Roman Chukhmanenko, Yana Isaenko, Alyona Ponomarenko, Valeriya Kruk, Dmytro Verkhovetsky, Oleksandr Bodnar and others.

ABOUT THE MOVIE. This is a new-style film. It is the story of contemporary Ukrainian youth, who search forthemselves in the crazy environment of the modern metropolis. Photographer Liza unexpectedly finds an old house in Kyiv and it changes her life forever.

The main roles in the film (except for the main character, whose part was played by young and popular actress Anna Adamovich) were performed mostly by amateurs, but real professionals in their field - artists, dancers, musicians. The music for the film was written by Vyacheslav Fame Semenchenko, a famous composer, beat-boxer, member of the band "Kachevniki".


2017. Best Project award at the Boat-Meeting Co-production section of the Molodist Prologue Film Festival.

PREMIERE. The film had its Ukrainian theatrical release on April 11, 2019. Distributor: MMD UA.

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