«Pigrabbit, or in Search Of The Golden Mermaid»

An educational family cartoon

GENRE: animation, family  film

DIRECTOR: Olga Navrotska

PRODUCERS: Andrey Yermak, Olga Navrotska

PRODUCTION: Garnet International Media Group

STATUS: pre-production

An educational family cartoon about a little pigrabbit Mikusha who sets off on a dangerous journey. He goes through many trials, and with the help of friends and parents Mikusha learns to overcome his confidence issues. This story follows the development of a child's personality, struggles of growing up and learning how to deal with them. A Pigrabbit looks like a rabbit with a cute pink snout and pink palms. His fur is soft and fluffy, he has long bunny ears, a curled furry tail, and his tummy is round and squishy. Pirgabbits are friendly and cheerful. A long time ago they have split into two new species, pigs and rabbits, and disappeared, leaving only legends and myths about Pigrabbits, Unicorns, and magic…