«Once Upon a Time in Lviv»


This is a story about people who call themselves «Batyars». «Batyarstvo» used to be a very popular polish subculture in Lviv in XIX-XX centuries.

The story portrays several young men and women who try to become rich and find happiness by dishonest means. Women use their attractiveness and charm while men practice fraud and blackmail. Naturally, this story is not limited to the criminal narrative. It explores friendship, love and betrayal, efforts to start a new life, forgiveness and poetic justice. Charismatic, vivid characters and realities of this special historic period give the story a distinctive Lviv flavor.

The author of this project is a famous scriptwriter and director Andrey Kavun.

The project is developed as an 8-episode TV series in co-production with Ukrainian and Polish TV channels and a world-famous media company Endemol.