«Never say never!»



Genre: Melodrama

Quantity of Episodes: 100 episodes

Timing: 45 minutes

Production: Front Cinema LLC for TRBC «Ukraine» LLC

Chief author: Tetiana Gnedash

Directed by: Dmytro Goldman

Year of production: 2016

Cast: Valery Hodos, Vitaliy Saliy, Jana Sobolevskaya, Anna Koshman, Catherine Varchenko, Danyluk Constantine, Constantine Oktyabrsky.

Plot: Life of a high school girl Ludmila Polischuk turns upside down one day, on 1 September. In the morning, the girl goes to school to celebrate the first studying day and instead of coming back home goes to… prison, accused of committing a horrible murder. Luda doesn’t remember anything, just her hands and clothes black with blood of the well-known Crimean politician Volodymyr Meshkov. According to the investigators, it was Luda who brutally killed him with a knife.

The victim’s family does everything to get the girl from a problem family convicted for life. Blind with rage, Meshkov’s younger brother Oleksandr even attempts to kill Luda but hesitates at the last minute and promises her that she will never see freedom again. The poor girl’s bad luck does not stop there. In the prison hospital she finds out she is pregnant. Desperate, the girl gives away her newborn daughter to the head nurse and makes a promise to herself to do anything to reunite with her baby girl when she comes out.

…Even after surviving the harsh prison life Luda doesn’t lose hope for a new beginning. One more month and the 17 hard years in the Luhansk regional female prison will be in the past. Just one more month and Luda will leave her wretched prison life behind and find her dear daughter after not seeing her all these years. But… year 2014 comes and the plans of the convicted Ludmila Polischuk are not meant to come to life. She will go through the hell of war in the Donbas, her closest people will betray her, she will learn the terrible secrets into which she had been dragged against her will as a little girl so long ago. She has a long, long road ahead of her to find the only person in this world who really loves her…