«Music Of My Life»

International television music project ...

GENRE: drama, musical

PRODUCERS: Andrey Yermak, Zakaria Zalikashvili, Dovydas Vitkauskas

PRODUCTION: Garnet International Media Group

STATUS: pre-production

A drama series in the works, featuring authentic musical performances. This is a story of a talent who made it to the very top of the music industry and stole the hearts of millions of fans, and then fell from grace just as quickly. A talented musician is driven into escaping to Georgia after a falling-out with powerful benefactors. There he gets an opportunity to build a team of likewise talented and pas- sionate people and to become a host of the new music festival. But the high road to glory is thorny... Isn’t it? It’s paved with success, money, ups and downs, in uential patrons, love affairs and, of course, music. Music of the soul, music of the heart, the music of life...