«Mahatma Khavkin»

Documentary film

GENRE: biographical drama

PRODUCERS: Andrey Yermak, Yurii Morozov

PRODUCTION: Garnet International Media Group

STATUS: pre-production

This is a story of a remarkable person – Volodymyr Khavkin. His life is an adventure story in itself. In it there is everything - overcoming obstacles that were considered impossible, remarkable discoveries, imprisonment, persecutions, romance, and eventually wealth and glory. Volodymyr Khavkin was a legend. He was one of those people who made their name by overcoming impossible odds. He was not afraid of difficulties. He was able to work during the day in the library of the Pasteur Institute, and at night conducted hundreds of experiments in the laboratory. He tested anti-cholera vaccine. It walked for hundreds of kilometers through the jungle of India, met the hostile aborigines, he himself gave thousands of cholera vaccines and miraculously did not die at the hands of the fanatics. He tested the first anti-plague vaccine on himself. He traveled through the Bombay neighborhoods, infected with plague and remained alive!