«Katya’s Love»



Genre: melodrama

Quantity of Episodes: 90 (second season)

Timing: 45 min

Chief author: Tatyana Gnedash

Production: Ukraine TV Channel together with RuMedia film company

Year of рroduction: 2011

Cast: Polina Dolinskaya, Alexander Davydov

Plot: It is follow-up of the exciting history about challenging fate of the provincial girl Marusya, who due to labour and persistence realised her dream: she created a unique wine. However, the leading character did not managed to find happiness in her personal life. It seemed that a kiss of Marusya and Vladimir at a site of fire put a period, and reunion of two loving hearts is very close, but by a twist of fate the lovers Vladimir and Marusya have to separate again. Will two loving hearts be able to be together having passed through many challenges?...

In the second part of the TV series we will also see beautiful foreign life. Love, intrigues, frauds, various fates — you will see all of that. Fortunately, there won’t be oneside love.

Everybody, who deserves happiness will be happy.