Genre: adventure melodrama

Quantity of Episodes: 90 (first season)

Timing: 44-46 min

Chief author: Tatyana Gnedash

Production: Ukraine TV Channel, in cooperation with film company RuMedia

Year of рroduction: 2012

Directed by: Igor Zabara

Cast: Lyudmila Svitova, Daria Poverennova, Maxim Radugin, Elena Balamutova, Natalia Rudova, Maria Lugovaya,

EkaterinaKisten, Victoria Smachelyuk, Elena Bondareva-Repin, Ivan Shabaltas.

Plot: Jamaica is an exciting story of an honest, strong, and talented girl Natasha Jamaieva. Jamaica is the name both her friends and enemies call her. She will have to overcome many misfortunes and hardships, face betrayal, suffer loss of the loved ones. She will walk this path and keep her human and womanly dignity to find happiness in the end. The story begins in Saint  Petersburg: a very young girl Victoria is brought to maternity hospital. She was taken right from the street where her boyfriend Gosha was singing to the guitar and she collecting money. The delivery is very difficult. Gosha, guitar on his shoulder, is pacing the room nervously. The time is crawling extremely slowly.

Finally the doctor comes out and says a healthy girl is born, but they failed to save the mother – she died during the delivery. Stunned Gosha takes the baby and hitchhikes to Victoria’s native town where her grandma lives. It turns out, that while he and Victoria were travelling, grandmother died. Gosha decides to go back to St. Petersburg with his baby girl. Somewhere between Petersburg and Moscow his newborn daughter’s constant crying and the weight of responsibility obscure Gosha’s reason and in the night the young father leaves the baby at the door of a rich house with a note: “The girl’s name is Natasha. Mother is Victoria Scheglova, died in childbirth. I am sorry.”

The owners of the rich house are saved from the foundling by the street cleaner Sima — she finds the crying baby first. Being very hung over as usual Sima Jamaieva doesn’t realize at first what she has found. But when she does, she is overjoyed: “There is God!” In just one hour tiny Natasha is sleeping peacefully in Sima’s small room: washed clean, wrapped in a dry nappy, fed with boiled milk. And in four more hours Sima with the baby in her arms takes the bus to Kolomna town. Thus two new lives begin… Seventeen years go by. Natasha lives in etreme poverty, she calls a stranger her mother and doesn’t know at all where she actually comes from. To make ends meet somehow Natasha picks up bottles, busks with singing, and dreams of a different, beautiful life. She wants to become a singer: her voice has unique strength and beauty. Yet Natasha clashes with the ruthless reality. At seventeen she is falsely accused and becomes a suspect under investigation held by a young investigator Sergey Rykov. It is incredible, but they fall in love with one another. Rykov is married and expecting his firstborn. He is a man of duty so he refuses to proceed with the case of Natalia Jamaieva. As a result the girl is convicted for several years. Lawlessness and brutality reign in prison. with the case of Natalia Jamaieva. As a result the girl is convicted for several years. Lawlessness and brutality reign in prison.

Natasha must permanently fight for her survival. It never rains but it pours: grief and despair drive Natasha’s foster mother to suicide. Despite all the horrors, it is in prison where the strong and independent character of Natalia Jamaieva is finally shaped. There Jamaica finds true friends who will help her overcome all hardships. Natasha serves three years in adult prison, celebrates her twentieth birthday there, all with no hope for parole. But the situation will change drastically… After she is released from prison and survives a series of traic events, with altered appearance, Natasha finds herself in the house of the wealthy and famous beauty Victoria Samgina. For twenty years the woman has been keeping a secret of how she lost her first daughter. Victoria is married, has grown-up son and daughter, but she is unhappy. Meeting advocate Sergey Rykov changes Victoria Samgina’s life: she falls in love with the former investigator. Victoria and Sergey become close. But suddenly in his love’s home Sergey meets Jamaica and realizes that his feelings for her are still alive. Unexpectedly Natasha finds herself a part of a love polygon. Astounding adventures, twists and turns await Jamaica. She will learn to live under a borrowed name, master the rules of etiquette, and become wiser. But she will also remain the same straightforward, sympathetic and faithful girl she had been in the beginning of the story. In the end Natasha will find family: the loving mother and father, sister and brother. She will manage to win back her good name. Her life-long dream will come true — Natalia Jamaieva will sing on the stage of Moscow Conser atoire. Together with her mother she will perform Per Aspera Ad Astra aria written by her fianc, the talented conductor and composer Ivan Kharitonov.