«Going Home for Holidays»



Genre: biography

Quantity of Episodes: 12

Timing: 45 min

Year of production: 2012

Plot: Going Home for Holidays is a sentimental journey to the past, to the beginning of the “star” biographies of the celebrities. They have become successful as popular musicians, famous artists, favorite TV persons. They are in such high demand that their dense schedule with all the performances, rehearsals and filming hardly lets them find time to rest. And year after year they put off the trip home, to their parents, where the happiest days of their life, their childhood passed, when the whole world was open to dreams, and where you would want to become a grown-up as soon as possible to start conquering the world.

First love, first success, first loss. Self-assertion among the peers which almost ends in the police room. A farewell to the faithful friends when destiny makes you take different paths. A painful choice: to stay where you are comfortable or to leave into half-starved uncertainty. Family secrets long hidden from the neighbors are ready to be revealed for the first time to the wide audience. At home the laws of show business don’t work, there you can only say how it is.

Going Home for Holidays is an attempt for the celebrities to sort out their destiny: whether they would have been happier if they stayed. Each story is dramatic because the long-waited reunion at home is followed by the parting.