«Cutie Lyalya»



Genre: melodrama

Quantity of Episodes: 95

Timing: 45 min

Chief author: Tetiana Gnedash

Directed by: Dmytro Goldman

Year of production: 2014

Cast: Alexander Popov, Oksana Zhdanova, Ada Rogovtseva, Nadia Kostiuk, Constantine Danyluk , Constantine Kosinski, Dmitry Lalyenkovб Oksana Stashenko, Fedor Hurinets, Vasiliy Mazur, Svetlana Zelbet, Elena Borisova and others.

Plot: 17–years–old gypsy Lyalya Rubinova desperately needs money, so she decides to rob the house of a local wealthy family, the Sviridovs.

She is caught red handed by Sergey, the son of the master of the house. But instead of calling the police the young man proposes the robber… to marry him. And Lyalya agrees. But will the wedding happen?

This is a story of a dangerous love quadrangle and after fatal events only two people, who are genuinely in love, escape it and survive, and find happiness in the end.