«Cracking the Secret Code»



Genre: documentary

Quantity of Episodes: 13

Timing: 45 min

Year of production: 2013

Plot: Cracking the Secret Code. Thanks to the new project the viewers will learn about nature of amazing things which have been inherent in the human life for thousands of years, but have mostly remained an obscured mystery.

The viewers are getting an opportunity to peer inside the most incomprehensible phenomena. But can they all be explained from the strictly scientific point of view? What do we lack to understand the picture of the world? What sensational discoveries have already been made, and which ones are currently maturing? And what can this new knowledge bring us? Find out in the new cycle Cracking the Secret Code.

Each episode is dedicated to a fascinating subject: telepathy and latest human rejuvenation technologies, secret ancient gambling codes, lunar effect and vampires, astral plane and parallel universes, curses and secrets of dreams, real magic of love and many other amazing and often sensational things.

In each episode the viewers will see experiments relevant to the subject matter supported by infographics and reenactment of unique events. Every episode will feature scientists and experts, as well as eyewitnesses and first-hand participants of the stories.