«CARLOS MUST DIE» (working title «Capturing the Devil»)

FORMAT: Full-length feature film
GENRE: Historical thriller
PRODUCER: Yuriy Karnovsky
PRODUCTION: Garnet International Media Group (Ukraine), Taura (Lithuania) with support of Ukrainian State Film Agency.

ABOUT THE MOVIE. Peter Malkin, known for his role in a daring operation to capture Adolf Eichmann in the 1960s, lives as an ordinary artist in the United States. It has been 20 years since his intelligence career was over, but suddenly a young journalist, Anna, appears on his doorstep. She claims that her source Carlos is ready to reveal the place where Josef Mengele, the «angel of death» of the concentration camps, a doctor who conducted ruthless experiments on prisoners, resides. Peter wants to bring Mengele to justice, but not receiving timely support from the Israeli government, he gathers a team of his former colleagues and goes on a search of his own. His unit, together with Anna, learns from Carlos, where the Nazi doctor lives, and develops a plan. The unbelievable operation is about to end up successfully, but a sudden call from Malkin's friend jeopardizes everything. Torn between a suspicion of misinformation and a desire to finish what he started, Peter decides to see Carlos again and find out the truth. Carlos must die.