«Azure Dust»



Genre: documentary

Quantity of Episodes: 1

Timing: 65 min

Produced by: RRP GROUP LLC

Chief author: Illarion Pavlyuk

Year of рroduction: 2016

Plot: Cesium-137 is one of the many radioactive substances emitted in the environment during the disaster at the fourth power unit of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. In Latin Cesium means ‘sky-blue’. Along with other hazardous substances this azure dust contaminated the Exclusion Zone and resulted in thousands of destroyed lives. The creators of the documentary project Azure Dust managed to find two people with unique fate who lived in Prypyat at the time when the disaster happened. As many others, they were evacuated with a big delay. However, despite all this, they both managed to survive and demonstrate by personal example that you can beat the system and overcome the complicated circumstances if you have persistence, hope, and faith.

The film may be called a guide to the Exclusion Zone. Thanks to the unique footage from the place of the tragedy that the crew succeeded to capture, the viewers will have a chance to experience full immersion into the atmosphere of the events and, along with the heroes of the film, to feel the dreadful and amazing air that reigns where one of the major anthropogenic disasters took place.

The hero of the film will be the STALKER, a guide taking tourists to the Zone for money. All the stories of the Zone will be threaded on the storyline of the journey with the Stalker. In these stories, like in the Strugatsky brothers' novel «Roadside Picnic», invisible dangers lurk behind every bush – cesium is scattered around in invisiible spots, and each of these is a radiation hazard…