«Alone in 100 hours»



Genre: reality, renovation

Quantity of Episodes: 12

Timing: 45 min

Year of рroduction: 2013

Host: Sergey Bobak and Kseniya Koval

Summary: Alone in 100 Hours is a new dramatic show produced by television channel “Ukraine”. It is about renovating homes and, in a sense, about “renovating the family relations”. The project team comes to the aid of an exhausted wife who wants to renovate and whose husband either ignores or resists her wish by every means.

Plot: Helpful advice, peculiar heroes and their unpredicted emotions — all this in Alone in 100 Hours. All expenses for the refurbishment are paid by television channel “Ukraine”. The main requirements to the participant are to complete the renovation in 100 hours and perform the 5 obligatory tasks of the hosts.

Thanks to the sound advice of the hosts the participant may, besides a successful renovation, improve relations with his wife.