«Alice in wonderland»



Genre: New Year musical

Quantity of Episodes: 1

Timing: 90 minutes

Directed by: Maksym Papernyk

Year of production: 2014

Cast: Svetlana Tarabarova, Anastasia Stotskaya, Evgeny Nikishin, Sergey Pisarenko, Vyacheslav Solomka, Alexey Potapenko,Nastya Kamenskyh,

Laima Vaikule, Alexander Krivoshapko, Vitaly Kozlovsky.

Plot: Prime time in-house product for New Year’s Eve.

All action takes place in a magic winter forest. All filming objects are specially designed magnificent sets.

The story begins in a countryside house, where a family is making holiday dinner for New Year’s Eve. Mother asks her daughter to bring canned tomatoes from the cellar. In the dark the girl misses a step and… falls somewhere for a long time and finally finds herself in a magic land where she falls in love and rescues the Knave. In the end we discover, that in reality she just fell and hit her head, and the Knave was her neighbor, who came to wish her a happy New Year.