«Agents of Justice»



Genre: detective series, docudrama

Quantity of Episodes: 40 episodes

Timing: 45 minutes

Year of production: 2016

Cast: Denys Hranchak  Larysa Ponomarenko

Plot: «Enemy», «Lawyer’s Last Case», «Death Under the Lovers' Bridge», «Revenge of the Goddess» are only a few of the stories and tangled cases that the heroes of the series will have to solve.

Each episode tells one detective story. A well-known journalist Yevhen Mykhailyuk is often visited by common people seeking professional help to solve different crimes. Together with private detective Natalya Dzyubenko he will investigate complex crimes, restore justice, and solve puzzles.

Yevhen and Natalya bring a number of experienced experts to their investigations: a psychologist, a criminalist, a lawyer, an expert in forensic medicine, a physiognomist, and a ballistic expert. In each episode of «Agents of Justice» the viewers will see reenactments of hypothetical crime scenarios and numerous investigatory experiments.

Tune in for exciting detective stories, unexpected plot twists and obstacles in the way of restoring justice!