Minkowce nowadays

Minkowce nowadaysOur team visited the village Minkowce

In early October, with a view to select locations for filming in Ukraine, our team visited the village Minkowce in Khmelnytsky region, where in the late XVIII - early XIX century was Minkowce State. We visited the place, where the Count's estate was once located in Minkowce on Mount Belmont. We visited his estate in the village Otroky that miraculously survived in its original form, saw fragments of the temple built in honor of William Tell. The places we have seen are indeed simply breathtaking and impressive for their originality and historical power. After talking with the locals, we saw great interest in our idea and pride for their land and history. The trip was very informative and opened new horizons both for collecting new information about Count Marchocky and his life and for selection of the shooting locations.

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                           Marchocky`s museum in Minkowce, 2015


                                    The Count Marchocky`s estate in the village Otroky, 2015

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