Slovak-Ukrainian film THE LINE received one of the main awards at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival!

On July 8, the results of one of world’s most prestigious film festivals in the category A were officially announced, and director Peter Bebjak received one of its main prizes – a Crystal Globe – as the Best Director for his work on THE LINE, a film that competed in this year’s official selection.

Producer of THE LINE Andrey Yermak comments: “Participation of Ukrainian films in festivals of such high recognition is extremely important. Receiving an award of this level is a real breakthrough of Ukrainian cinema! This award confirms that we have released a successful , high-quality project, which will be viewed by the whole world. Our team made a name for itself on the top of the industry and strengthened the partnership not only between our companies, but between the countries themselves. We are now connected with our European colleagues and are planning to further the tradition of cooperation and working on co-productions."

This is not the only victory of THE LINE. It has also received smaller, more personal awards: a contract on international distribution with the famous FILM REPUBLIC company, as well as critical acclaim from film experts who characterized this project as a strong one, successful not only in its respective countries, but far beyond their borders. A few renowned, influential  international editorials, such as VARIETY, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, and CINEUROPA have already compared the film with best works of Guy Richie, THE GODFATHER, and THE SOPRANOS. International audience will watch it this year, while Ukrainian release is scheduled for autumn.

THE LINE is a Slovak-Ukrainian co-production filmed in Ukraine, Czechia, and Slovakia; Czech and Slovak film stars were joined by famous Ukrainian actors: a “Zolota Dzyha” awardee Rimma Zyubina, one of Ukraine’s most beloved actors Stanislav Boklan, young actor Alekxandr Piskunov, and actor Volodymyr Gelias. Picture was created by an international crew with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency, and it was already critically acclaimed during its development, receiving a main prize in the International Section of the Work in Progress competition at Baltic Event XX at Tallinn International Film Festival.

The plot is based on a real action-packed story that took place on the Slovak-Ukrainian border in 2007 during the time when Slovakia was joining the European Union.

And, by the way, some lucky viewers will have a chance to attend a special screening of THE LINE that will take place during the Odessa Film Festival, where the film will be presented by Rimma Zyubina, an honorary member of the festival’s jury.

Ukraine can be justifiably proud of a victory at an international festival and the possibilities it presented, opening borders to more cooperation with our European colleagues!